A.C.E. Acaedmy

Episode Guide
Last time on A.C.E. Academy
Episode 1 – “Sweeps Week” -

Season Premiere . Freshman orientation and the first inklings that something about the school is not quite right.

Episode 2 – Sweeps Week Part 2

People always said T.V. was bad for you…

Episode 3 – When Giants Clash

A very special episode of Buffy the RPG.

Episode 4 – When Giants Clash Part 2

Awkwardness abounds!

Episode 5 – “All A-Buzz”

Halloween episode!

Episode 6 – “The Bricklayer” –

Didn’t anyone tell you never to talk to a stranger?

Episode 7 – “Beauty Within” –

Fat sucking demon is loose in Sunnydale. Or is it something else…?

Episode 8 – Blood is Thicker Than…

Valentine’s Day episode. Complete with bloody goodness.

Episode 8.5 – Blood is Thicker Than…part 2

Magic duels galore. And some feelings are finally revealed.

Episode 9 – “All Hell Breaks Loose”

Deadly demons descend upon A.C.E. Academy as Duncan is released from house arrest.

Episode 9.5 – All Hell Breaks Loose

The chaos continues as dark forces descend on the school, all looking for one man: Duncan!

Episode 10 – Kumbaya-yas

A.C.E. Academy’s yearly Father Daughter/Son camping weekend EXTRAVAGANZA is happening. The fathers of the Neptunes arrive to help get their kids back to nature. But secrets are revealed, dangers are ever present, and something is not quiet as it seems.

Episode 10.5 – Kumbaya-yas Part 2

Fatherly bonding, mysterious disappearances, and secrets are revealed as the long camping weekend continues.

Episode 10.75 – Kumbaya-yas Part 2.5

The Neptunes brace themselves for an attack from the Wendigos, all the while learning more and more about Lukas’ mysterious father.


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