Episode 8.5 - "Blood is Thicker Than..."

If I get any of this wrong, feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it. Might go out of order as well, but you’ll get the gist. A looooot happened, so this is kinda long.

After a quick retcon scene, where Ms. Rocca notifies an unknown caller that “They found what they were looking for” and holding up a vial of blood, we catch up with The Netptunes in the cafeteria.

Danielle brings a new member to the group, a young man known as Blake. Not so subtly she mentions that he dabbles in the mystical arts. After some awkward introductions, the team spreads out.

Early the next morning, at swimming practice, Travis is introduced to Dakota and Lukas. A sophomore transfer student, who is wicked big for his age, is told to hang around Lukas so that he can show him the ropes. At lunch, Lukas introduces Travis to the group.

Throughout the day, Chewie notices Lukas is acting odd and distracted. When brushed off by Lukas, Chewie takes it personally and storms off. Ms. Rocca continually asks the team about Lukas, and asks them to send him to her office.

While at dinner, and talking to the new folks, Julian notices a suspicious looking character standing outside of the cafeteria looking in. He starts telling the others that “He has no face!” and that they should follow him. After awkwardly convincing the others to come with him, they track him back to the administration office. Going inside, they see Ms. Rocca and within her office is the gentleman. Ms. Rocca says that he’s a fellow counselor from another school, and once again asks the kids to send Lukas her way.

After some running around, and Sam being Sam, things get down to business. Sam finds Lukas in his room standing still, in the darkness. No amount of poking or prodding seems to wake him up. Sam shoots him up with adrenaline, which in turn, knocks Lukas out and on the ground. Chewie, after feverously working on a contraption of some sort and being told by Fido to go back to the room, finds Lukas on the ground with Sam looming over him.

Sam had taken Lukas’ glasses, which Chewie gets, and puts on. His vision becomes warped, and reality turns into a cartoon parody of itself. When Chewie tries to activate a spell, he instantly gets zapped and hurt. He begins to bleed out of his nose, which Sam quickly gets a sample of.

Putting Lukas to bed, they begin to argue, when Sam’s cat Rex attacks Chewie. With Travis’ & Blakes’s help, they’re able to stop the cat, which Sam quickly destroys. In the commotion, they didn’t realize that Lukas had disappeared.

Dakota is notified, after some shenanigans, and rallies the troops. Chewie casts a spell and goes off to find Lukas, with the others in tow. Sam goes back to his room, where he has a…vision? Visit? From some unearthly being, telling him “I’ll see you soon.”

Meeting up at the administration building, Dakota, Chewie, Travis, Blake, & Cierra go in, while Sam, Nathan, and Duncan stand outside. Outside, they run into the mysterious stranger from before. Nathan shoots him with an arrow, which he snatches out of midair. They run inside.

The inside team goes into Ms. Rocca’s office, and step into a large, fiery cavern, with smoke and flames coming from the ground. Dangling from the ceiling upside down shirtless, Lukas is tied up, and bleeding out. His blood is being poured into a massive black cauldron, with Ms. Rocca by the side. She tells them, “Finally, I can release MY god into this world!” She traps the youngsters in the cavern, and summons Rock creatures to attack them. The others quickly join them, and are trapped as well.

Ms. Rocca knocks out Nathan, Cierra, and Julian (though he is able to take out one monster before hand) while Blake and Travis go up against the others. Sam tells Dakota to “Get me to the cauldron” while Chewie focus’ his energy on the device he created. Acting simultaneously , Chewie activates his device while Sam plunges his hands into the cauldron. A massive feedback is felt as rippling energy washes over the entire cavern.
Everyone blinks and wakes up. The illusion has been dispelled.

They’re standing in Ms. Rocca’s office, with Lukas on her desk and Ms. Rocca standing over him with a knife. Dakota smacks her over the head with a weapon, while Blake trips him up with his. Sam pounces on her and begins ripping into her. Chewie lifts Lukas unconscious body and they all run out of the office, letting Sam do his thing. A squeak is heard inside Ms. Rocca’s body. Fido has been freed.

They meet the mysterious stranger outside, who threatens them, but seeing the state the heroes are in, runs in terror.

Nathan calls someone on his cellphone, telling them that “I have a cleanup job for you.” Chewie takes Lukas to his bed, puts on his glasses, and falls asleep beside him.

Episode 8.5 - "Blood is Thicker Than..."

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