Episode 9 - All Hell Breaks Loose

Special Guest Star – Sal Mattos

A long night’s sleep was had after last episode’s events; Chewie wakes up in Lukas’ bed. When Lukas tries to talk to him about the night before, Chewie bolts, leaving a confused Lukas (and a destroyed door) in his wake.

A new girl starts to force her way into Ciara’s clique. Melody, who works in the counseling office, sees who the popular kids are, and wants in. Ciara sees someone who could be of use to her and the Neptunes (mostly to her) and gets Dakota to befriend her.

Blake is still reeling over the previous night’s events. He’s not sure what to make of it. He is invited to a party thrown by Ciara, along with Taylor(?. Chris’ character). They go but Christian leaves with Lukas when he gets bored. Playing video games for several hours, he walks out of Lukas and Chewie’s room, unaware that Chewis is invisible and watching. A Three’s Company moment is had by all.


Duncan is released from house arrest. His appearance on campus fires up the student body, and he is as popular as ever. He sits next to his “friends” and gets caught up on what’s been happening. Melody, like the rest of the campus, is taken with him.

Sam has a squirrel army under his control (well, more under his control now). He has them patrolling 24/7. That evening they report back to him that various creatures are breaking into the school, from all directions. The Neptunes split up to take care of the situation. Dakota and Chewie head to the library to load up on weapons, Blake and Danielle go to Danielle’s room to work up a protection spell, and Duncan and Melody head off to her room.

Chewie and Dakota are attacked by masked figures in night commando gear. Sam comes to their aide, while Dakota stabs one in the neck. They quickly realize that the intruders are actually human. Dakota takes one down, and Sam shoots one in the head.

Danielle and Blake argue back and forth over who should be given the protection spell, since there are only enough ingredients for one casting. Blake finally casts it on himself when a giant bull head shaped demon comes charging through and attacks. Blake takes the full brunt of the attack but seems to be unharmed. The bull demon says they’re not the ones he’s looking for and storms out.

Melody continues to jabber as Duncan paces the room. A specter appears in the room and warns Duncan that he will pay for what’s been done to its daughter. “All manners of dread creatures will visit you on this night. You were safer back in your room, where wards prevented us from attacking. Now, you will pay.” The entity vanishes. Melody freaks out, but Duncan soothes her.

A knock on the door prompts Melody to say “Come in” and a vampire is standing in the doorway. Just as it’s about to come in, it explodes into a cloud of dust. From around the corner, Lindsey McDonald, Duncan’s lawyer from Wolfram & Hart appears, stake in hand. He dusts himself off and asks Duncan to step out into the hallway. As Duncan follows, the following is heard, “We can make all of this go away. You only need to do two things for us.”

They stand outside for several minutes, the entire time Melody is freaking out. Duncan walks back in, closing the door behind him. He embraces Melody, telling her it’s going to be alright.

And promptly stabs her in the back with a large ceremonial knife.

Episode 9 - All Hell Breaks Loose

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