Episode 9.5 - All Hell Breaks Loose

The gang is scattered throughout the campus as various bads are running rampant, all seemingly looking for one person: Duncan.

Taylor and Dakota fight off 3 vamps as they try to get to Duncan’s dorm room. Taylor holds his own for the first time against the fanged ones.

Chewie is left with Nathan to oversee the fallen Initiative members. One is alive and the other one was shot through the head by Sam. By everyone’s surprise, that one is still breathing, but barely (yay Drama Points). Nathan instructs Chewie to call the police. On the phone Chewie tries to tell the operator what’s going on when the lights go out.

Duncan runs into Sam and says they need to get an artifact from Ms. Rocca’s former office. Sam follows close behind, after imparting his superhero cape to his friend. Once there, Sam gets knocked out and dreams a little dream. One of his cold, emotionally distant parents, the ever present portal, and of the things that lurk behind it. He wakes up to find Duncan passed out as well, and Fido dead. Actually dead. He panics when he realizes he doesn’t have access to his Chemomancy and runs out, where Fido instantly revives.

Chewie scans the library and finds Jacob passed out in the corner, with a dart sticking out of his throat. Chewie revives him and finds out that Jacob was ambushed by the Initiative members. He hears Nathan cry out as his yell is cut off. Chewie turns invisible while various Initiative members scan the library, knocking Jacob out again. They leave after not finding him, taking their fallen comrades with them.

Chewie, Sam, Dakota and Taylor find Lukas in the science building, knocked out with a dart in his neck. Sam scans him and notifies the other that Lukas is missing blood.

A fight against the bull headed demon occurs, with various spells and acrobatic stunts. Nothing seems to keep the creature down, until they slice off its horns. The moment they finish slicing the second one, it collapses.

Alarms are set off all over campus, with Principal Donahue’s voice going over the P.A. system that everyone is on lockdown and they should remain in their dorms. The Scoobies race to the library, where they find Duncan surrounded by Initiative members. The man in charge mocks the kids, and says they’re taking “it” with them, referring to Duncan. As the soldiers step out, the library gets a phone call. Nathan answers it and says “It’s for you” to the commander. The commander takes it and his eyes grow furious. He slams the phone down and indicates to all his soldiers to go. Dakota laughs, while Duncan has a gleam in his eyes.

Duncan says he has to go, that staying would only endanger his friends more. He gives them all a heartfelt good-bye speech, hugs them all (including Lukas who eyes him wearyingly) and departs. Sam says that Ms. Rocca’s office is “dead” and scans himself, realizes he too, but only he and Lukas, are missing blood. Nathan says “We’ll look into that in the morning.” Everyone goes back to their dorms.


A black stretch limo pulls up alongside a massive building in the middle of a sprawling metropolis. Duncan steps out, dressed in a very expensive, obviously tailored charcoal suit, carrying a leather briefcase. He no longer looks like a teenager, but a mature young adult. He walks through the buildings entrance, passing a giant sign reading WOLFRAM & HART.

Duncan walks into a spacious office, greeted by Lindsey McDonald, his (former) lawyer. Lindsey says, “Welcome to the Wolfram & Hart team, Duncan. Are those the items?”

Duncan smiles and opens the briefcase on the table with a snap. He pulls out two glass cylinders containing red liquid, one labeled SAM, the other LUKAS.

Episode 9.5 - All Hell Breaks Loose

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