Kumbaya-yas Part 2

The Neptunes and the rest of the ACE Academy student body have arrived for a 4 day weekend at Grizzly Peak Camp, for a chance to “reconnect with nature and to bond with your fathers.” On the way to the camp, the line of school buses pass by a large truck that seems to have run off the road.

At the camp, the teens meet the camp counselors, 6 park rangers and Ranger Rick, the camp leader. They’re informed of the various activities they will be doing, including hiking nature trails, crafts, swimming and various other bonding activities. The sweetness and energy radiating from the camp counselors is enough to give anyone a cavity.

Dakota and her father have a long hear to heart on the way to the beach. Dakota finds out that her father knows about her boyfriend in L.A. (thanks to his old connections) and that she had been going to see him on a semi-weekly basis. She also learns that Nathan, though she thought was the one who told him, doesn’t know about her jaunts. Instead, she finds out that he had a chat with her father about how much she’s grown, how mature and responsible she has become, and how proud he is of her. Her father says after hearing that, he will not pull her out of th Academy, but will insist on meeting her boyfriend. Soon.

Strange occurrences begin to happen (of course) around the woods that the Neptunes soon learn about, including campers and folks from the local town of Grizzly Peak have been disappearing. An old woman comes into the camp during a group gathering, spouting warnings that the area is cursed with demons. The counselors quickly pull her away. Dakota and the gang try to get as much information from her as possible. After doing a bit of research (with the help of Nathan from Sunnydale) they find out that the area may be inhabited by Wendigos, ancient demons who feast on the flesh of humans. Dakota is annoyed to find out she packed her anti-vamp weapons, which have no effect on these new monsters. Trying to gather supplies becomes a side mission, which they somewhat succeed at.

At the nightly bonfire, Chewie learns via his magical device of the week, that while the camp sings, they have some energy drained from them, leading deep into the woods.

The next morning, the group is split up into various activities. Chewie, Lukas and their fathers go off on a nature hike. Chewie’s device picks up emanations coming from the woods, and he convinces the group to go that way. As they go deeper into the woods, Lukas’ father begins to act more and more…normal. No longer the awkward and stiff acting parent, he becomes more cohesive, more attractive, and much more elegant as they go into the woods.

The group reaches the end of the trail, at a large redwood tree in the middle of a large glen. The campers all gather around the tree to relax as a wave of bliss emanates from the tree itself. Chewie talks with Lukas’ father, who tells him that he must help protect Lukas, that he is special and that his future will lie in his friends’ hands. Chewie asks what he is, which Lukas’ dad responds, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Once back in the camp, one of the counselors tries to get the Neptunes to talk privately with her, saying that she knows the secret of the camp. She convinces them to meet her before dinner time that evening. When she is a no-show, the kids go to dinner, where they see that she has been replaced with a new counselor, one that no one notices is new.

The Neptunes prepare themselves for the rest of the long weekend.

Kumbaya-yas Part 2

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