Mystical Items

  • Super Science: Can only create items of Power Level = to Quality Level.
  • Create Items (For One Time Usage): Must gain success levels in an intelligence + scientist + Superscience quality + d10 roll greater than spells power levels.
    Minimum time needed to “whip up” something is 20 minutes, plus regular casting time if item is casting a spell, as well as needing access to supplies and/or lab.
  • Create Items (For Multiple Usage) = +1 Power Level higher than spell.

Research = Roll Science + Intelligence = Success Levels must be equal or greater to Power level
2 weeks per power level

XP = 2x Power Level of item

Make Intelligence + Science + SuperScientist + d10.

If success level in creation rolls are equal to or above Power Level of item, all is good.

If above 9, but not equal to Power Level, side effect city.

Under 9, nothing happens, all time and XP is used up.

Shortcuts: Using twice the required number of special ingredients, or using special ingredients one or more power level above the items power level, halves creation time (round up to nearest day). So too does limiting the frequence of item use to once an hour. These are stackable.

Limiting frequency of item to use once a day divdes creation time by 5 (round up to nearest day). This is not stackable with other shortcuts.

Mystical Items

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