So I was going through my gmail (cause I do that sometimes) and stumbled upon this little gem. According to my calculations, the Buffy game has been going on for about 5 years! Jebus!

Alrighty gang! After much much much (stop glaring at me Xander!) much time, I have finally finished prepping my up and coming BUFFY RPG! You few, you proud, you white hats have shown interest in participating in said game. Kudos to you! Now, the preliminary date for the first session is Friday, Sept 30 (2005), sometime afternoonish. Unlike us professional gamers, some of you have lives and would like to have a Friday night I’m sure. Thus, since I’m good all Friday (mostly) I think that would be best. Tell me if this works for y’all. If not, we’ll adapt. If you’re still interested, hit me up and we’ll make a time to make characters, explain the system, so once we gather the troops, we can get right into fighting the Big Bad. I mean…the little bads. yeah, that’s it….shifty eyes

. If you’re not into it….gives you a Cordelia Chase cold stare

But anyways….let me know what kind of character your’e interseted in. The current setting will be a private high school in Sunnydale, circa Buffy Season 1. If you want to help this Director smooth along the storyline, adjust your character accodingly. If not….grabs Mr. Pointy from weapons chest So far we have 2 possible potential slayers, an ex demon or two, and a “regular” student. The rest of you can go from there.

Just keep in mind this will be my first time playing this game, so we’ll all be learning the rules as we go along. But that’s what’ll make it oh so lovely! Hope ta hear from ya soon!



A.C.E. Acaedmy darkshifter