Welcome to the other side of Sunnydale

Dear future student,

We are pleased to announce that you have been selected out of thousands of potentials to attend the prestigious Richard Wilkin’s Advanced Curriculum & Education Academy of Sunnydayle, California.

The opportunity presented here will allow you to grow in your unique field of expertise, to challenge yourself with new ideas about the world, and to begin shaping your future.

Our fine faculty and staff will make sure that you succeed in all your endeavors. We will be here to help you grow as a young adult and be sure that we will leave an imprint on yourself, for the better.

We humbly welcome you into our fold, and hope to see you come next Fall semester for orientation.

Once again, Welcome to you future.


Mayor Richard Wilkins

Sunnydayle, California.

A.C.E. Acaedmy

xtfrd Sulker